“By using a solid process managed by TLS Learning, we are confident that the project will be finished on time and on budget. Something that used to keep me up at night.” – TLS Learning client

custom elearningAt TLS Learning, we have developed a 5D process model. This is our proven process we use with every client and every project. Each phase has specific deliverables to ensure we stay on schedule throughout the project. This allows us to focus on building the right solutions for you. While our approach is iterative, at the end of each phase there is a deliverable with an approval cycle to keep us all on track.

How Does It Work

You have a need to create a custom learning solution. Getting started is easy. Here are the steps to get you on your way to creating that course or curriculum that will help you change the performance and/or behaviors of your team.

1. Schedule Your Personalized Discovery Meeting

First, you will gather your team and schedule your personalized Discovery Meeting. This meeting is a pre-paid 1 day meeting where we come in and work with you to define and outline the full scope of your need, outline the budget and timeline. From this meeting, we create a comprehensive Online Learning Blueprint that will be our roadmap for the rest of the project.

— Statement of Work, Project Estimate and Pricing are discussed after the Discovery Meeting —

2. Partner to Define the Details

We will work with you and your subject matter experts to Define how the content will match the activities outlined in the Discovery Meeting. As a result of this phase, we will create a Design Document or outline of the detailed course structure as well as a visual prototype.

3. Write and Storyboard (Written and Visual) of the Course/Curriculum

We will then use the detailed outline to write and create a detailed storyboard or static version of the course for your review.

4. We will take that Storyboard and Make It Come to Life in the Develop Phase

This is the phase where all of our hard work will come to life and turn into the end product. All functionality, animations, design elements will be functional in the tool so you can interact with the final product. This is also where we start intentional testing.

5. Look Out! You Are Ready to Launch the Course and Deliver Results to Your Business Partners.

In this phase, we launch the course to the learners and watch as they grow in their skills. This will increase their skills and behavior based on what we want to measure.

Ready to get started?

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