Learning Strategy Consulting

TLS Learning helps you move to an online learning ecosystem by providing learning strategy consulting. We look at how you can build a learning infrastructure that allows you to leverage, track and deploy your courses in your unique environment. We collaborate with you to analyze your business goals, assess your current learning infrastructure, and help you create a solid framework for success.

Some Examples of Services Included

Learning Management System Consulting

learning strategy consultingTLS Learning analyses your business’s current LMS environment to provide suggestions for optimal function. Our team understands the importance of capturing results and sometimes it just takes an expert’s set of eyes to analysis the system recording your learner’s results. If it is not as easy as a conference call, we will come to you. Don’t have a current LMS? Let us sit along side you as an expert to consult and field any questions as you make the transition. Our goal is to leave you feeling confident about moving to an online learning ecosystem.